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Rolling the Dough

The Batch Pantry

Life is sweet. 

So, why not celebrate every occasion with a treat? 

 At The Batch Pantry, you can order from a variety of homemade

 cookies, cupcakes, muffins, breads and cakes, all made to order using quality ingredients. 
Whether you need dozens of cookies for a bridal shower, cupcakes for a birthday bash, or simply want to welcome a new neighbor with some bread and muffins, we are happy to help you make any occasion sweeter. 

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Home Baked with the Freshest Ingredients.

 Hand Decorated, Stenciled, or Printed.

Made to Order for

Birthdays...Graduation...Holiday Gatherings...Bridal Showers.

Whatever the Occasion!

Prices Start at $3.00 and Go Up Depending on Flavors and Complexity of the Design.

 Contact Us To Discuss All the Various Options Available.

Visit the Gallery Page to View Some of Our Creations.

Decorating takes time to complete - Please Order at Least 1 Week  in Advance.





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Cupcakes / Cakes / Muffins

Our classic pastries are always baked fresh.

There’s always something new baking up in our kitchen

Home baked / Hand Decorated

Beautiful AND Delicious!

Gluten Free Available!
$25.00 per Dozen

Apple Hand Pies

Our Apple Hand Pies have a flaky, buttery crust filled with a mouth watering combination of apples and cinnamon and topped with sparkling sugar

$25.00 fo a 1/2 Dozen

Mini European Panettone Fruit/Crumb Muffin

Mouthwatering Batter with Crème Fraîche, Cinnamon Crumb and your choice of Raspberry or Lemon Filling!
$25.00 for 1/2 Dozen

Apple Turnovers

Flaky Puff Pastry Filled With Fresh Baked Apples and Cinnamon, Topped With Frosting Swirl.

A Perfect Treat Anytime
4 for $12.00

Pound Cake

Fresh Baked to be Moist and Delicious!
Serves 12-16

Coffee Crumb Cake

The Taste You Remember.

Baked Fresh Just For You!
$8.50 for an 8" Square


Layer Cakes

Cakes are Baked to Order

Call for Filling and Design Options!
Prices Vary

Gateau Breton

The French Classic

with Apricot Filling

9" Round - $25.00

Mini Brownie Bites

Chocolate Bliss in a Bite
$12.00 per Dozen

Chocolate-and-Vanilla Marble Roulade

Our Roulade has a Delicious Soft Vanilla Sponge with a Chocolate Swirl, Rolled with a Creamy Chocolate Filling.


Blueberry hand pie small.jpg

Blueberry Hand Pie

Our  Blueberry Hand Pies  are golden brown and oozing with juicy blueberry filling!

Perfect single serve treat any time.


$25.00 for 1/2 Dozen

4" Egg Free Smash Cake.

Flavored with Fresh Banana and Pure Maple Syrup, It's Perfect for Your Little Ones Celebration. Price is for Cake Only. Toppers Available For an Additional Charge. Contact Us For Details.


Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

Moist Vanilla Sponge with a Creamy Boston Cream Pie Filling, Topped with Chocolate
Mousse and a Chocolate Ganache.
 per Dozen

Kneading Bread Dough


Fresh Baked Breads
All Items Baked to Order To Guarantee Freshness

Braided Brioche

Hand Rolled and Baked Fresh!
High egg and butter content gives our Brioche a rich
and tender crumb.

11-12" Round - approx 2.2 lbs - $20.00

Cinnamon Star Bread

Tastes Even Better Than It Looks!
12" Round
$15.00 Each

Wool Roll Bread
Soft and Chewy
Simply Delicious!
Served Plain or Add Your Favorite Filling.

$15.00 for Plain Loaf.
Prices Vary for Fillings
Call or Email us for Details

(also called Pan de Mallorca).

Enriched yeast rolls with a taste that’s perfect for breakfast, or anytime of the day. 
They have a flaky, sweet interior with a slightly crusty, sugary exterior.
thanks to a sugar glaze and dusted with powdered sugar.

$12.00 for 1/2 Dozen


Chocolate Babka Bread

Classic Babka with Semi-sweet Chocolate and Cocoa,
topped with Powdered Sugar!

Irish Soda Bread

***** SEASONAL ****

This simple classic is a friends and family favorite.
And now you can enjoy your own loaf that is tender and dense, with a slight tang and a crispy crust.

$30 for a 2 pound loaf.

Gluten Free Blueberry Scones

Crunchy and golden on the outside with a deliciously soft middle these gluten free blueberry scones are loaded with fresh blueberries and just a hint of lemon. So delicious you wont believe their
 gluten free!

$25 for a 1/2 dozen

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Scrumptious Homemade Cookies

All Items Baked Fresh 


Decadent Pop of Intense Melt in Your Mouth Goodness.
$18.00 per Dozen


One Bite And Your In Brooklyn!
$20.00 per Dozen


Enjoy the Great Taste of this Original Classic Recipe.
Frosted or Plain
$12.00 per Dozen


Need we say More.
$25.00 per Dozen


Soft and Chewy
with a Burst of Cinnamon Flavor
$15.00 per Dozen


Delicious Soft Cookie 
with Fruit Filling 
Raspberry or Apricot
2 Dozen Minimum 


Classic Shortbread Taste.
Perfect with a Cup of Coffee
or a Glass of Milk
$15.00 per Dozen


Cinnamon Bun Taste
In a Cookie!
$18.00 per Dozen


Making Dough

Thanks for Visiting!

Serving Fairfield County, and Surrounding Areas in CT.

All orders available for curbside pick-up.      Delivery available. Fees Apply.      Contact us for details.     

Sorry, No Shipping.

Baked in a Cottage Food Operation that is not Subject to Routine Government Food Safety Inspection.

Attention customers with food allergies. Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, or peanuts. While we take steps to minimize risk and safely handle the foods that contain potential allergens, please be advised that cross contamination may occur, as factors beyond our reasonable control may alter the formulations of the food we serve, or manufacturers may change their formulations without our knowledge.

Please Contact Us if You Have Any Questions.

Contact Us

Phone and Online Orders Only.


The Batch Pantry, LLC.

81 Flat Rock Road

Easton, CT 06612


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